For over ten years, I have been head of the “Academy for Complementary Medicine, Holistic Healing and Further Education”.

This was together with Dr. med. med. Markus Stumvoll, dr. med. Stefan Spannbauer and dr. med. Johann Wilde founded in Vienna.
Two years of Doctors Without Borders. Voluntary internship at the Lainzer Hospital in the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Rosenhügel, as well as a scientific work at the Institute of Anatomy at the Medical University of Vienna and two years as a demonstrator / assistant. Long experience at the “Outpatient Clinic of the Psychosocial Service Favoriten” (Psychotherapy – Psychoanalysis Habilitation and professorship at the European University since June 20182018 I have completed my doctoral studies at the University of Vienna. It was about the integration of extensive experience from psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, medicine, philosophy, anthropology and theology of Spirituality.2018 Graduation of the MBAs Health Management from the EU European University in London.2013 Graduation in psychotherapy / psychoanalysis from the Sigmund Freud University Vienna and specialization in cooperation with the Psychoanalytical Semi Innsbruck.