The influence of the attitude of the Knottiest on the healing processes  

       In the course of my work as a psychoanalyst and through years of experience in the therapeutic field, I have observed time and again that patients with a strong belief system had a shorter treatment period, accepted medication better and could be healed more easily. The strengthened attitude of faith seemed to have a significant influence on the better healing process, the deep hope and confidence for healing in difficult times. In addition to the healing, a faster reintegration into everyday life was also apparent, with patients reestablishing relationships and strengthening their social and professional environment. Furthermore, I experienced patients who, due to their lack of faith, had a more difficult course of therapy, which was comparatively longer and more complicated. Based on these observations, it was of great concern to me to investigate these effects and interrelationships theoretically and empirically. The result of this survey shows that my assumption was correct and that the resolution of repressed traumas leads to a more peaceful world and a good interpersonal coexistence.